Introducing the World’s First Multi-User 3D Hologram Table

Revolutionizing 3D holograms to bring you a multi-user interactive experience like never before. For use in countless areas, such as Smart Cities, Defense, Transport networks, Education, Entertainment, and more.

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Hologram Table

The Hologram Table can display digital models of cities or buildings as miniatures, with the ability to then zoom in down to single blades of grass – or even smaller! Not just static models but real-time data. This will enhance your ability to perceive and evaluate dynamic information.

Users can pick up objects and move them around, or prepare holographic presentations to convey ideas. The hologram is projected up to a height of 60 cm and a simulated depth of 100 cm into the table.

Hologram Room

A Hologram Room is a controlled environment designed to create holographic experiences.

Wearing lightweight glasses, a user’s viewpoint is tracked to present 3D objects into the space.

The objects made of light particles appear real enough to touch and via the tracked wand, complex interactions are possible.

Euclideon Vault

Euclideon Vault is a novel software that provides numerous ground-breaking features for Point Cloud dataset users.

For example, you can

  1. manage, view and manipulate Massive Point Cloud Data without any lag
  2. perform secure, remote streaming of Euclideon Unlimited Detail point cloud models.
  3. stream Unlimited Detail models to a variety of mobile devices, and many more features.